Dysport® in Morehead City, NC

Dysport® is another popular neuromodulator that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles in your face. At New Visage, our clients in the Morehead City and Jacksonville area of North Carolina continue to see fabulous results that can take years off your appearance with Dysport® treatments provided by our qualified skin care specialists.

Dysport® was approved in 2009 to reduce the appearance of frown lines and horizontal forehead creases. It contains the same active ingredient as Botox®, but some studies suggest this formulation may work slightly quicker and last longer than Botox® injections. It may also spread more during injections, which makes it a good choice for larger treatment areas like the forehead.


Dysport® works very similarly to Botox® to diminish wrinkles, lines and creases, and is specifically used to diminish the appearance of furrows and creases around the brow area, as well as vertical lines around the mouth and chin. Dysport® is also an effective treatment for excessive underarm sweat, and treats masseter muscle hypertrophy (MMH), a condition that produces a square, bony appearance in the chin and jaw.


Almost any healthy adult who wants to refresh a stressed and tired appearance marked by furrows and creases around the brow area, or reduce vertical lines around the mouth and chin, may benefit from Dysport® injections. Our skin care specialists at New Visage can advise you as to whether Dysport® is the right treatment for you.


Dysport® will smooth away facial lines and wrinkles easily and quickly, might produce immediately visible results, and giving you smoother, softer skin. You will especially see a reduction in the appearance of furrows, creases, and vertical lines around the brow and upper face, and/or the chin and jaw area.

The results of neuromodulator injections might be seen right away and will continue to improve in the days following the procedure. Your skin will be visibly smoother and lines around the eyes and forehead will be significantly reduced. Results of these injections typically last three to four months before a touch-up treatment is required. Some patients that have regular injections may find they can spread their treatments out over a slightly longer period in time.

Dysport® and other neuromodulators continue to be among the most popular cosmetic treatments performed today, thanks to the consistent results they offer and the convenience of the treatment. If you live in the Jacksonville, NC, area, and want to find out if this anti-aging treatment is the right choice for you, contact New Visage in Morehead City at 252-808-2NEW (2639).


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