Emsculpt® Before and After Pictures

New Visage now offers Emsculpt® treatments to the residents of Jacksonville and the adjacent communities in North Carolina. Contact our office in Morehead City to learn more about Emsculpt and our various body contouring procedures.

Emsculpt improves abdominal tone, burns fat and strengthens abdominal muscles for a firmer and more contoured abdomen. It is also the best non-invasive butt lift alternative to strengthen, tone and firm the buttocks.

Emsculpt is an effective and innovative treatment option to get a firmer abdomen or buttock. While this procedure will not provide results if you are heavily overweight, it is ideal for patients who are already active and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Emsculpt uses a magnetic energy that creates “supramaximal” muscle contraction. By using a series of different patterns of muscle contractions, muscles are stimulated beyond what you can do through your own exercise and training routines. A session with this device then leads to the building of new muscle mass that will increase tone and muscle definition, while enhancing fat metabolism by destructing fat cells.

The treatment has been widely successful in both men and women of all ages. To see the results of the Emsculpt treatment on real patients, please browse our before and after picture gallery below.




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